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Feb 24, 2014

Summertime in Palaui Island

top 3 Best Beaches and Islands in the Philippines
If you plan to have a break in the Philippines this summer, endeavor to venture in Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley – it’s worth it! You will never regret preferring this place as your next destination. This is one of the amazing sites in the country that is yet discovered for many years; therefore, once you get there, you will surely astound in its exquisiteness and tranquility.

In 2012, the CNN Go travel website acknowledged the Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley as the “top 3 Best Beaches and Islands in the Philippines”. Such acknowledgement has been embraced as the pride of all Filipino people!

Thus, you can assure that summertime here is perfect for anyone who desires to experience an exciting and memorable break ever. The beach and resorts, the dense forests, and the warm populace in the place are just a few things that you should never fail to bump on.

How to get in Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley?

To get here can be challenging. Visitors have to take a trek and need to pass through a mangrove forest, muddy ground, and spiky grasses. However in due course, all the challenges will turn into an incredible experience that’s once in a lifetime!

Feb 15, 2014

Vacation Packages Guide

Vacation Packages Guide
For a complete vacation packages guide, you can find one and have an enjoyable escape any destinations you prefer in the world at all times. Pay heed on the offers if it suits your needs beforehand. To purchase a vacation package is a constructive way to prepare your plan.

A number of vacation packages different factors, this includes accommodation, airfare or meals as part of the all-inclusive package deal. However, the costs are going to contrast on these different factors, such as the destination, season of the year, as well as number of people in your family or friends to be within the vacation.

For some, a vacation package means a complete pampering and enjoyable vacation at a luxurious resort, or it is simply the basics to expend on break like the airfare, accommodation at a good hotel, ground transportation, dining, activities, etc.

As a traveler, the details in ‘what’s not included’ should be paid attention, so that you can fully accommodate your budget if this concerns you.  Go online for a wide range of travel arrangement to choose from. You can find even the last minute vacation packages guide online for you to potentially discover some incredible means to save!

Jan 24, 2014

2014 Top Travel Destinations

To find a travel destination is actually tricky. This requires thorough planning where you need to ensure that you and your troupe or your family are going to enjoy and have a gratifying trip possible!
For this New Year, there are in fact loads of places to go. If you prefer abroad, see 3 of the following 2014 top travel destinations:

1. Denmark
This is where you found theme parks best if you bring kids with you. In Denmark, you will locate Tivoli Gardens, known as the world’s 2nd oldest theme park. It is also the home to several vintage attractions such as a wooden roller coaster as well as a gigantic carousel. You can also visit the Legoland amusement park, knowing Legos initiated in Denmark. To add up enjoyment, you can also hit free music and fireworks.

2. Thailand
If you are looking for a warmer place to be, Thailand is perfect for it. Bangkok is amazing to observe temples and enjoy boat riding. Furthermore, you can as well head to Ko Chang where there are loads of striking beaches; you will have a good time kayaking, and elephants camping. Right at Koh Chang Animal Project, there are rescue animals to visit.

3. Belize
For travellers who are watching their budget, Belize is perfect! Here you can bring in happy memories as you seize a Caribbean break. It has packed of animals like sea turtles and monkeys. You can agreeably stay in cabanas when you stay in Placencia, where there is inclusive kitchenette for approximate $50 per night.

Dec 3, 2013

Lost City of Thonis-Heracleionin Egypt

Lost City of Thonis-Heracleionin Egypt
The lost city in Egypt was found underwater, gulped down by the Mediterranean Sea for over 1,200 years. It is an ancient city known as Thonis-Heracleion covered in myth, lies approximately 6.5 kms off to the coastline of Aboukir Bay’s western part, 30 ft undersea. 

The secrecies of Thonis-Heracleion have brought interest to some archaeologists. They have been unearthing the amazingly well potted artifacts underwater that enlighten the tale of an effervescent prehistoric haven.

In 2000 after a 4-year geophysical study, Dr. Franck Goddio who is French underwater archaeologist, with his European Institute for Underwater Acheology (IEASM) team rediscovered the said lost ancient city, which was known as ‘Thonis’ by the ancient Eygptians, while the ancient Greeks called it ‘Heracleion’.

These archaeologists found a number of amazing things in the lost city below the bay. Among the remains are as follows:
  • The 16-foot giant statue that they brought to the surface
  • 64 primordial shipwrecks along with over 700 anchors from the sand and mud of the bay
  • Slabs of stone emblazoned in both texts from ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek
  • Gold coins as well as bronze weights 
  • Several limestone sarcophagi that archaeologists believed they enclosed mummified animals before in order to pacify the gods

Nov 24, 2013

3 Best Places for Christmas Vacation Ideas

A  lot of people desire to spend their Christmas holidays on vacation to exciting places, which can  be really fun! Going to exotic places is one of the best ideas to celebrate the season. However, when you look for Christmas vacation ideas good for your whole family, top 3 best places to set out for vacation are:
  1. Hawaii – the place where you can spend in 6 different islands. You can experience great adventure like kayaking, watching, whales, or hiking. Your family will definitely love to see the caves underwater or the dense rainforest in the country. It would be perfect to remember a little adventure during Christmas. 
  2. London – another great place to be in Christmas season. This is an ultimate destination for more traditional celebration. Kew Gardens, StreetSmart Christmas Carolling, Norwegian Tree at Trafalgar Square, and more are some of the attractive attractions to see on Christmas in London. Your children will have a remarkable vacation here. 
  3. New York City – if you yearn to celebrate your Christmas with full-fledge approach, you must head off to New York City. The whole city is highlighted with lights. You will love to join the festivities that persist for a bursting long month. In the evenings approaching the Christmas day, the period gets even more special. You can jive with live music, parties, and more to celebrate. Moreover, you can also visit some of the popular attractions in New York like the Central Park, Time Square, and more.
Getting through these places may expose your family to new and diverse conducts of Christmas common in different parts of world. To make a decision for Christmas vacations can create a remarkable memoir in your life and to each member of your family. So, have a great Christmas celebration to experience from one of the three destinations when you yearn to have a good time to other places.